Roof Replacement Toronto

Steel Shingles on Century Old Home in Toronto, Ontario

steel shingles on century old home in Toronto-Ontario

I needed new shingles on my century old home, as I had 3 layers of asphalt shingles (from previous owners) that were really showing their deterioration. I decided on steel roof shingles. So I received 4 quotes that were all over the place. With the prices in hand I did some online research and decided on New Steel Roofers. In April I was told that they were booking into June and July.

It took a lot longer than I had expected to actually set a date for the work to begin. It took a lot of calling and leaving messages with the person that quoted the work, which got annoying. Once the work did begin it went well. The two man crew that were assigned to my roof were very friendly, pleasant, punctual and took time to explain things to me. Even assisted with a problem I had with squirrels getting into the flat roof section of my house. The product they used seems to be very good, high quality. I’m happy with my roof and the work that they did.