Facts About Asphalt Shingles

Learn The Facts About Asphalt Shingles (CBC Marketplace)


The key to avoiding many roofing headaches is regular inspection and maintenance. This can help bring potential problems to light. With our infrared technology and nuclear moisture detection, we have the ability to spot subsurface moisture that is invisible to walk-on inspection and determine the exact areas of your flat roof that are in need of attention. During winter it is important to check flat roofs after heavy snowfall, particularly during a thaw since ice or snow could be blocking drains causing a buildup of water. Poor insulation promotes heat loss and proves to be ineffencient in conserving energy. Checking the condition of the roofing material (EPDM, TPO, MOD-BIT, PVC, BUR) is vital to preventing leaks, and extending the life of your flat roof.

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